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RE: AO-40

At 07:33 PM 12/17/2000 , you wrote:
>You'd think he'd at least get my call right.  I'm not trying to create any
>kind of dissension at all.  I'm just letting my frustrations be known.  Have
>you read the reports?  They put it up with KNOWN problems.  How wise is
>that?  Any R&D or preparation team worth its salt would fix the KNOWN
>problems.  Yes I agree, no hardware is perfect.  I supported this team from
>the beginning with words and cash but it seems that they put something up
>that wasn't ready.

This is one point on which I agree.  If I had been told that we were 
planning to launch P3D with "known" problems such as this ... I would NOT 
have invested any money [nor will I in the future]. I always thought that 
everything tested "fine" prior to launch. Mistakes happen ... life happens 
..but launching with known defects that could cause this loss of control 
are NOT acceptable risks.


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