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Re: Having done and participated in a fair number of "complicated" projects...

>You're certainly entitled to your opinions, but don't
>you think we should have a full understanding as to what
>happened before we condemn the Phase 3D concept?
>Jeff Kelly

Jeff...actually I wasnt ditzing anything especially the design nor the 
concept except as a sort of "big sat" concept (or whats it called in the 
press...The ultimate Easy Sat).

Look at it another way...say everything had worked just ding ho and all is 
well and we are looking forward to great dx on just about every concievable 
microwave band.

We start using it a year or two passes and then "bang" something happens and 
that something takes the whole bird off the air.  Now where would we all be?

I've never put much "truck" in the theory that if ham radio (or any 
particular segment of it) were "easy" that the bands would fill up like "the 
net" or like CB or like anything else (and that ignores the question of 
would that be a good thing).

In the end one either likes Ham radio for three reasons...one enjoys the 
"community" of it, one enjoys the technology of it, or one enjoys DX by 
radio.  If one (or more) of those things strikes you then bingo your 
hooked...if it doesnt then it doesnt and your not.

My take on the sat business (I started with Oscar VI...although I actually 
heard V...and this when I was a "kid") is that what we need is something 
that makes "DX" available with something less then a moonbounce class 
station and on a semi regular basis and then the rest for tech junkies like 
me sort of takes care of itself.

I have great hopes that AO-40 isnt over the hill (sorry couldnt resist...I 
just turned 40) but in the end if it doesnt then we as a "community" need to 
figure out exactly what we want in the high orbit sat community and 
something tells me that a super bird isnt the way to go...(nor is 
geosynch)...indeed I think 3C had it just about right.

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