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RE: AO-40

Thanks for the civil response Steve.  You are one of few.  I understand what
you are saying about how these things are scheduled and launched.  My father
was in AirForce logistics (AFLC at Kelly AFB) for many years.  BUT the idea
was to work toward a working craft not a deadline.  One of the quotes I
heard was that "deadlines make dead weight."  Kind of fits here.  I think
that the pressure from the ham community just put AMSAT in a position to
produce or lose lots of funding from its members.  I'm afraid this time it
might cost them in more ways than one.  I would much rather have waited a
few more months and have a bird that was "100%" rather than to have one up
now to copy telemtry for a few days.  It was exciting while it lasted.
However, I am still hopeful that AMSAT will come up with something to fix
it.  But I know that from now on I'm going to think twice before writing
that extra check.

Kevin, WB5RUE

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