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P3D/AO40 Contingency Plan

In a message dated 12/17/00 4:14:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, tiptond@psi.com 

<<   I will be calling Amsat on Monday morning 
 to make my donation.  I suggest we all do so quickly, as it looks like we 
 may just be needing a new bird.
 Dave >>
Losses like those we see other space programs suffer are just the nature of 
the beast when working on a shoe string budget.  All we can do, is get up and
provide even more to support the next project.  This though was and still is 
fantastic effort that has been undertaken.  All I can suggest is that we do it
again and again, but this time really get behind the effort and stick with it 
this pain of the moment is still fresh on our minds and pushes us to do 
Steve - K5PK
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