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Re: AO-40

At 06:01 PM 12/17/2000 , you wrote:
>If the next Shuttle crew wouldn't mind an extra burn to increase their
>apogee to 60,000 km, I'll volunteer to go up on an AO-40 rescue mission.
>73 de Chip, K7JA

what could we do if we built a repeater to put on or attach to the 
ISS?  What size footprint would we have?

what kind of a sat could we do if we built a sat that we could somehow 
"launch" from the ISS to a high orbit?

what kind of a sat could we build that would have a high orbit only over 
our hemisphere?
then if that worked could we build a 2nd one and put it over Europe ... and 
then have a preplanned built in capability to to go up on the USA sat and 
send our signal to the European sat for a downlink over Europe? If that 
worked could we then add a 3rd sat for the Pacific/Asia theater of operation?


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