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RE: P3D/AO40 Contingency Plan

> God forbid, but if AO-40 does not come back to life, are we 
> to believe that 
> it will take another 10 years to put another satellite up 
> that would have 
> the High Orbit characteristics?  It seems that unless you're 
> a LEO junky 
> (Like myself), most people would be swayed from getting into 
> this aspect of 
> the hobby.

Well, firstly, the game's not up yet, not by a ling shout (IMHO), so let's
be positive and give the command team all the support we can.

However, in the event of the worst, maybe we need to look at how we could
get high orbiting satellites into space with lower costs and a shorter lead
time.  Perhaps AMSAT has already given this some thought (I'm led to believe
they have).  Certainly, on this side of the world, high orbiting satellites
are preferred, to give access to places further afield.  LEO's are fun, but
they're limited to VK/ZL and the odd Pacific island (which I'm yet to work).
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