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Re: FT-817 info

>From: "Howard Long" <howard@howardlong.com>
>FWIW I put up some info on the new FT-817 on my web site: I'm currently
>using one with an FT-100 for satellite ops.
>Note the new web site address www.g6lvb.com , although the old
>www.btinternet.com/~hlong still works, and probably better as I can't get
>server side stuff to work on the new site. Content, however, is identical.

Thanks Howard,

Gives me something to look at while waiting for delivery of my FT-817 from
HRO (pleeze santa!).

Things that look good to me (in addition to your list):
1.  Switching ants to back connector...probably how I will use it 99% of
the time.
2.  5-pin mini-din data looks just like one on FT-847...Hope same so I can
plug-in my TNC, n'play!
3.  Speaker/headset switch...great for portable weak-signal ops...or
demos-quick change!
4.  Size good...not quite a HT, but very briefcase transportable (for those
5.  Good news about front-end performance :-)
6.  Nice partner to my FT-847...for all those IF needs for microwave modes
on AO-40???...I hope.

Things that wish were better:
1.  No duplex ops!  Oh, well it will be in MkII.
2.  No HF WbFM...really would like it on 30 Mhz for microwave IF
receiver...will be looking into a mod here }:>]
3.  Battery life...I'll use a gel-cell, or buy industrial quantities of AA's.

How i will use it:
1.  Packet/APRS.
2.  Pac-sats.
3.  6m prop monitor.
4.  Microwave IF radio; home & moutain-top.
5.  Traveling: mobile and over/shoulder.
6.  SETI IF receiver...90% of the time. {SETI system is 2.5m dish-helix
feed, RAS-ago LNA, DEM 1420/144 conv}.
7.  Hamfest satellite/microwave demos.

"Waiting on santa in Alaska"

PS got my repair parts for my 436CP42 antenna, so hope it will be in
service soon.
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