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Re: amsat-dl statement

I hate to say it, but it's looking more and more that AO-40 is kaput.  The
news releases are far more gentle and diplomatic in nature than that, but
let's brace ourselves for the obvious.  AO-40 is likely gone.  Some sort of
catastrophic failure occurred and it isn't coming back.  I believe that
further news releases will gently lead us down this road.

I don't know if it does us much good to continue searching the sky for
signals.  We see clearly from below that we won't hear it on 70cm if the
bird resets and so the 2m transmitter will need to be configured.  And when
and if it were to come back on 2m, we'd all know it.  It's not like we've
got to "find" the bird.  If it's going to reset itself and become
operational again, it will do it and the command team will be able to
re-upload the repeater program for IHU-2.

However, I have a feeling that as time passes, things are getting worse and
worse for the craft.  If the computer has completely crashed, there is no
battery regulation or charging control, etc.  The longer time goes on, I am
afraid the worse it will be.

Am I pessimistic?  Yep.  Flame me if you want, but we've all seen a good
number of ham satellites that have been launched that turn into space junk.
This is an all to familiar story.  I will gladly eat my words and I hope to
do so.  

Again, flame me if you want, but it's a little difficult to hear the
designers of the craft telling us that it will reset itself but that they
just don't know when.  Huh?  They designed the circuits with certain
parameters.  I don't know, I am just bummed and depressed.

Oh well....AO-10 still works sometimes.....



on 12/17/00 5:24 AM, Howard Long at howard@howardlong.com wrote:

> Even at the expected AOS of AO-40 over Europe on Dec 17th the contact hasn't
> been reestablished. The window for the emergency routine (see below) cannot
> be determined exactly, so Dec 16th can be assumed as earliest possible point
> of time. There are various serious reports about very weak PSK signals which
> seem to be coming from AO-40. The commandteam is verifiing these reports,
> investigates possible causes for the lack of transmission and is preparing
> for a new contact in case of the emergency routine. After entering this
> routine, AO-40 has to be reconfigured for operation with its
> 2-m-transmitter. This process would take some time too

Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



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