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For what it's worth...

Please treat the following with a large degree of caution.

According to Element set #8 which I had 'tweaked' on the day of the
crash, my AOS for AO-40 was due at 0608 utc.

At 0546 utc/121700 on 145.897.7 I heard what I believe was telemetry
coming from the bird. It sounded like the normal sub-horizon indications
of the TLM which I hear before each AOS. Unfortunately it vanished
shortly before the scheduled AOS.

I would like to make the following points:-

a.      I did not have any computers switched on.

b.      It was too early for hash from a neighbours computer.

c.      I am fairly well versed in aural recognition of the beacon.

d.      Having searched assiduously over the past couple of days, I am
        reasonably familiar with the local radio environment.

My location is 5400.57N, 00132.92W(WGS-84)and ground level is about 160m

Due to obscene QRM from the primary user on 70cms, I dismantled my
satellite station about two years ago, consequently, this hearing was
done on a vertical antenna. Because of this I am unable to provide any
directional details.

Ken Collins - G4FIP
E-mail:- kenc@cwcom.net
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