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Re: ao-40 visability at night

In a message dated 12/16/00 9:52:41 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
GREGWYCOFF@havilandtelco.com writes:

<< has anyone looked for a window of visablity in the night skys to see if
 AO-40 can be seen with the naked eye?
 just a thought.
 Greg Wycoff
 NØZHE EM17ej Ks. >>
As an amateur astronomer most of my life, I've intentionally observed known 
of various sizes at altitudes similar to that of AO-40's perigee altitude 
using an 8 inch
or larger telescope.  If we had a proven set of post burn elements and knew 
for sure
the bird didn't go fly off with an unexpected burn, I have no doubt it would 
be visible
on a perigee pass over ones QTH with proper lighting conditions after a 
sunset or 
before sunrise.  I even managed to see tiny AO-27 through a good set of 
under ideal conditions on one occasion.  That was a real stretch, but try it 
sometime on one of the amateur birds.  Some of the others are easier to catch.
73, Steve
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