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Re: IC-821 CIV commands

At 06:41 AM 12/15/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Tony,

>> For SAT MODE with + tracking (noninverting) use opocde = 0x12
>> For SAT MODE with - tracking (inverting) use opcode = 0x11
>> To cancel, use opcode = 0x10
>While those 0x0f (split/duplex) subcommands do what they are advertised to
>do in non-satellite mode, they do not take the Icom IC-821 in/out of
>satellite mode.
>At least I haven't been able to get them to :)

Hi Don,

Thanks for clearing this up. These were taken from an old IC-970 driver
as per the CI-V manual. I was told when the IC-820 came out that the 
command set was the same. I don't have an IC-820/821 to test this
so it looks like I have been blissfully ignorant! 

>If I've missed something, let me know, this is one case where I would really
>love to be wrong :)

Yeah, I know the feeling! I just went through this with the FT-847
which will not handle split mode from the CAT interface. So, why is
it that the ham radio manufacturers don't seem to get fairly simple
stuff like this right? Can't they find any hams to test it out with?

By the way, I missed you in Portland this year. I hope everything is
OK with you.

Cheers and thanks again,

Tony AA2TX@amsat.org
North Andover, MA

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