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Beacon signal Ao40...?

Hi,all observers....

Now,I`m a little bit cautious after my very CONCERNED message
about Dec.13th ,made believe Ao40 could be damaged or real dead.....

Let me report my observation,could be was something from Ao40 :

This morning,Dec.16th,I started the observation at UTC 09:02 h.
My location is JN47NP,47.381North / 9.055 East.
Ao40 had AZ 105° / EL 8°,distance 28.633 km,high 23.822 km.
I started the observation used external DSP-unit,displayed DSP-FFT.
At frequency 145.897,450 Mc carrier detected....BUT NOT ABLE TO HEAR !
Characteristics displayed like umodulated BPSK-carrier !
Strength -6 dB.....-9 dB down under the noise-level floor.
NOT ABLE TO HEAR...! Only displayed ,100 % detected.
Moved the antenna-array +/- 15 ° around computed direction (keps00349)-->
Signal disappeared !
Was displayed ONLY at correct (?) Ao40 direction.
Could observe that up to UTC 09:38 h, AZ 101° / EL 2°,dist.21.610 km,high
16.362 km.
At UTC 09:39 h the signal disappeared complete in noise.
Predicted LOS at my location was UTC 09:44 h .
Displayed only when switched to LHCP.
>From UTC 09:02 h / 09:38 h carrier moved +(!)150 Hz.

HOPEFUL that was AO40,but NOTE we have not a sure identity of all detected
without named AO40.
A lot of reported observation results could be the next speculation about
that we
want like to have....as mine too...!
It is hard don`t give up the hope for our mission of P3D....we was waiting
for many years ago.
I know.

Still waiting and observing all times...
73`s, Jens / HB9JOI / (DL9FAA)
AMSAT-DL.#9802268 / AMSAT-NA.#33392

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