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Re: Possible AO-40 Beacons!

na9d@mindspring.com writes:
> I have monitored the following signals that roughly correspond to our baby's
>  beacon frequencies this morning.  The time is right now, 14:48 UTC.
>  My antennas are approximately 160 degrees azimuth, 45 degrees elevation in
>  Chicago, IL.

Here at 1625 utc, EL29ds, Houston, Texas, 175 deg az, 57 deg el, 52333 km.
>  Here is what I hear:
>  145.883 - Solid carrier.  Disappears when I move the antenna or switch
>  polarization.

Confirmed, about S1 here.  I only note about 6 dB difference in polarity 
>  435.517.6 - Solid carrier.  Stronger than the 2m signal (but I have a 
>  on the mast).
Confirmed, but weaker than the 2 m signal here--about 3 dB above the noise.

>  435.609.5 - Modulated carrier.  Sounds like PSK somewhat to me.  Has the
>  same characteristics in terms of antenna movement of the above 2.

Confirmed at 436.613.  Dissapears on polarity switch.
>  435.862 - Solid carrier.  Also same as above with the pointing.

Not heard here.
>  This could be our baby!!!

I hope you are right.  I'll check into the IRC and see what the latest rumor 
is :-)
Jerry, K5OE
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