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New (sort of) Telemetry program

I've been working on yet another Windoze-soundcard based telemetry decoder
program and decided to release it a few weeks early well before it is

1. It may be of some use in searching for weak carriers/BPSK signals due to
it's large, calibrated, heavily averaged, 1024 point FFT spectral and
waterfall display.

2. Also, when the big bird decides to start singing again, it can be used to
automatically capture and log raw data from the the BPSK signal
automatically without tuning as long as the signal stays within the receiver
pass-band.  With the CRC filter off, a log entry will be made for weak
telemetry signals if just the block sync is found.  The block sync threshold
is well (maybe 6 dB or so) below the threshold of getting good CRC data
blocks.  Could let it run overnite and search the skies while you sleep.
(assuming the program doesn't crash and burn;>()

Again, this is a pre-alpha release and most of the user interface for
decoding the raw data into something useful is missing.  I've been
concentrating on optimizing the DSP side of things before tackling the huge
data interpretation matrix. The raw data log can be easily imported to P3T
for viewing.

The program can be found at    http://www.qsl.net/ae4jy/

No docs, yet either.  A little more info is in a readme.txt file for now.

Hope this is of some use while we all wait and listen........

Moe, AE4JY

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