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Just a dream...

Hi All,

yesterday I had a dream (I was very tired from scanning the sky for a
trace of AO-40):

There was a man - it was obviously a big shot from AMSAT NA. He had a
phone call.
On the other side was a big boss too, from NORAD; and I heard: "Hello
old boy, how
are you? Fine? That's ok. Listen, radio amateurs all over the world are
alarmed for their
newest satellite - your #26609. There are heavy  problems. A few days
ago a motor burn
was executed, which did not stop at the programmed time. And also the
telemetry trans-
mitter doesn't work any more. The satellite has now an unknown orbit and
they are
scanning the sky disperately for any signals. Could you please give us
the actual keps of
satellite #26609? Yes, you will do it? Oh, that's great, many amateurs
will thank you.
Have a nice day, old boy, and happy Christmas!"

I waked up. Oh, it was only a dream. Or could that become reality?

Vy 73, Udo, DL7OL ***

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