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how to connect to Chatnet IRC

Hello all,

Since I've already gotten several requests, I figure I had better whip up a 
short note on how to connect to the Chatnet Internet Relay Chat, or 
IRC.  If you do this tonight (Friday), you'll be all set to join in the fun 
tomorrow (Saturday).

First, you'll need an IRC client.  I recommend mIRC, which can be 
downloaded here:


On this site, you'll find the software to download, a description of what 
IRC is, and how to install and use the client, mIRC.  Please read this, and 
look for many answers to common questions here.

The basic steps are:

1--download and install the mIRC client

2--connect to a Chatnet server:

		Set up your name (or CALLSIGN), etc.		

		Scroll through the servers in the second box, and select one of the 
Chatnet 		servers--pretty much any of them will work; they are "networked"

		click on the "connect to IRC" button (below the Chatnet server you 
just 		selected)

3--once you are connected to a Chatnet server, at the command line use the 
following command to join the amsat channel

	/join #amsat

	(Yes, must have it JUST like that, including the / and #)

4--Type in the lower box, and hit return to send your text!  That's about it.

This was written up quickly, so keep an eye out for a revision ;-)


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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