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Yesterday I posted a note about calling amateurs about staying off the AO-10
downlink near 145.898.  Although some of them were obviously running OSCAR
class stations, they did not  hear the AO-40 signal.  It was because the
AO-40 signal was an unmodulated carrier.  Yesterday and again today 1323Z ,
14 Dec. 2000 I can still hear the unmodulated carrier, very weak, but it is
there. I will continue to monitor the signal most of the day today.  I am
monitoring the audio with a scope to be sure my old ears aren't playing
tricks on me.  The satellite appears to be where it is supposed to be (AZ=
103, EL= 20 from Nashville)  with the latest "post burn" keps and STS Plus,
Station and QuikTrak 5.01 tracking software.  I will try to calculate
doppler shift and see if I can confirm that I am actually hearing AO-40.  My
rig is a FT-847 with a very strong birdie(?) at 145.900 and I have to use
the digital filter to hear AO-40.

There is a very strong unmodulated carrier( S4) on 435.45 that nulls almost
completely at 180 degrees from AO-40.  It seems almost too strong.  I will
see if it disappears after LOS, I didn't have an opportunity to check it

AC9R, EM-66, Nashville, TN. USA

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