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Re: AO-40 Speculation

>From: "Vince R." <vincesr@gte.net>
>Fellow enthusiasts,
>In my humble opinion there would be a lot less speculation and rumor
>if there were some sort of  "plan" to have volunteer efforts steered
>in some direction. The perception that I have is that there is a lot of
>among those people who are equipped to monitor the bird.
>Possibly some type of loosely organized "watch" might be helpful. Maybe
>some official information on the specifics of the December 16   event may
>help volunteer listeners prepare for the most effective monitoring strategy.

Vince, et al:

I guess most of us are kind of "camping out" on Amsat's doorstep, in a
manner of speaking.  Even before, with the beacon to monitor, we were
largely at "loose ends" until the "bird" was fully commissioned.  I think
Vince has offered a good suggestion.  There appears a ready and willing
group that can provide tracking observations, or in this case, make the
effort for a beacon search.

I guess it is up to the controllers and tech staff to decide whether there
is anything the rest of us can contribute.  I hope that they will consider
involving us in the recovery process if our input would be of any value to
the recovery effort.  Since we have little detail of the present
circumstances on board the spacecraft, our current ability to contribute is
nearly nil.  So I hope someone will consider this.

But such should be directed by Amsat to be a productive effort.  Guidelines
are needed to make any such effort worthwhile and not just a random,
uncontrolled exercise producing questionable data.  {this is not to cast
dispertions on the rank and file, just it's difficult to have a useful
process without some knowledge and direction} 

I know there are many out there wishing to contribute somehow.  The ball is
in "management's court" for their discretion.  It could well be there is
nothing much that can be done for now, and if that is the case we just have
to sit tight and wait!  It is also possible that our efforts might cause
more harm by adding confusion to the situation, rather than useful input.
Finally, it may be that, when they have finished studying the situation,
they will have some requests for help from us.

My two cents!
"Waiting for the re-count in the sky"


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