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Re: AO-40 Speculation

Well said Vince,

Lets all do a bit of listening to this reflector, and only add to
it useful information, rather than all of these suppositions.
After all, we are all really Amateurs, especially when it comes
to the workings of this large complicated bird.  My mailbox is
close to overflowing.  This reminds me of our local skywarn
net, with stations breaking in to report no wind and no rain.

Reports of low signals on the bird's beacon should certainly be
reported when you have verified that it is in fact above your
horizon.  The last report from Steve Ford sounded like a
possibility of a valid signal, and should not be over looked.
I'm LISTENING here patiently, and scan above and below the
145.898Mhz.  Birdies I have heard from time to time, but after
moving the ant., checking my computer and monitor for birdies
and a few other checks would I presume to have heard a valid

Sounds sort of like the SETI operation to me....I hope someone will
hear from our bird soon, and report it here so we can all rejoice.

73 de Bill, N4DH
AMSAT 32372

At 09:07 AM 12/15/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Fellow enthusiasts,
>In my humble opinion there would be a lot less speculation and rumor
>if there were some sort of  "plan" to have volunteer efforts steered
>in some direction. The perception that I have is that there is a lot of
>among those people who are equipped to monitor the bird.

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