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Re: Nova install (again)

Hi Andy,

I've had a couple of problems in the past configuring Nova and found that I
got the best advice from the guys on the Nova-Net. Although I did get some
good help here on the AMSAT-BB as well. Nova-Net is just for NfW users. Its
run by the folks at NLSA who wrote the program. The guy that runs the
company responded to my plea for help and got me back on track right away.

You can subscribe to it by going to the NLSA site at www.nlsa.com and
somewhere on the page enter your e-mail address and you will be subscribed
to nova-net. Then you can post to the list at: nova-net@nlsa.com

Its not a very busy reflector so it won't load up your in box too much and
there's a lot of very experienced Nova users there that really know what
they are doing. They got me going when I thought there was no way I'd ever
get it going again.

I hope this helps.

73 de Chris  WB6HGW  DM04uc  AMSAT# 33187

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From: andrew reynolds <wd9iyt@yahoo.com>
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Date: Thursday, December 14, 2000 6:08 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] Nova install (again)

> Well, it's happened yet again. I had some problems
>with the hard drive over the past weekend, which
>resulted in several of my programs becoming
>non-recoverable. One of them was (oh, joy) Nova for
>Windows. This software kept me from installing it for
>a couple of weeks after I brought it home from Dayton,
>and I had to ask here to get the trick to get it to
>go. Well, I've lost track of the trick, and it's doing
>the same(*&&%@$ thing it did when I first tried to
>install it. It will come up with the opening window,
>where it asks what program(s) you want to install,
>then, when you make you selection, it is supposed to
>ask you for you user ID number. In my case, it just
>dies, closes itself out and doesn't go to the ID
> Anyone out there know what's going on, or a software
>package that isn't this **^%#! fun to install?
> Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.....
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