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RE: AO-40

> > BTW: several frequencies have been quoted as "possibles" 
> where signals
> > are heard. There is one test to apply (assuming you check 
> that its predicted
> > to be above the horizon): see if the signal exhibits 
> doppler shift; if it
> > doesn't, then it isn't. Might save some folks some panic.
> Looking for doppler shift won't necessarily work too well.  In present
> orbit, the doppler at Apogee is very slight.  There isn't 
> much change unlike
> a LEO.

A weak signal is currently being observed over VK.  We're waiting to see if
it's a stray signal or something from AO-40.  The amount of drift roughly
coincides with the expected Doppler changes over time, but the real test
will be at LOS, in 5 hours time.

I'm not able to monitor directly, but keeping in touch with Dave, VK3DXL via
IRC and helping with tracking information.
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