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Re: Re: STOP

on 12/14/00 6:48 PM, Clifford Buttschardt at cbuttsch@slonet.org wrote:

> Well what you want is EXACTLY what is happening!  Just after your
> note is one from ARRL-AMSAT.  What more could you want?
> I am especially appreciative of your report indicating hearing
> telemetry AFTER the burn Tony, to bring some sense to all this.
> It appears to me that the controllers and the deputies are doing just
> a fine job.  Let's let them do THAT job and we will continue to listen on
> every available channel for results.  Cliff Buttschardt K7RR

And also, here is something else to consider:  A "public information
officer" was suggested.  Well who is this person to be?  A control team
person?  Well, that would mean that they would have to take time away from
controlling the bird to speak to the public.  OK, so not a control team
person then, you say.  OK, so then how do they get the status on what is
going on?  Well, they'd have to speak with a control team member.  Again,
that means taking the control team member away from their duties as
controllers, their jobs or their families.

Saying incorrect information is something that can be very damaging and not
good.  The reason we don't more is that the controllers don't know what
happened either.  The bird shut down.  It didn't explode as has been said
because we can still copy a weak beacon (I have done so and it was not a
birdie).  The control team is busy reviewing the data they have so far and
probably checking what they did, checking their software, etc.  What do you
want them to say if they have no info?

Mind you, it is clear that the control team reads the BB.  And they are
probably stunned by the criticism that has been leveled at them.  Give them
a break.  They know everyone is anxious, but at the same time, they don't
want to give incorrect information.  Please, let's be patient!  There is no
"wall of silence" as someone suggested.  They aren't trying to keep
information from us.  They don't know and are looking for why.

I believe we'll get our baby back.  Let's just keep cool.  I am even sure
there is a contingency plan at Amsat about what to do should AO-40 never
recover.  It happens in remotely controlled space flight.  Even NASA loses
spacecraft and they are the pros.  Yes, it would be devastating to AMSAT to
lose this baby.  But I doubt it will be the end of Amateur Satellites even
if it does.  We will just have to all chip in and help build a new "P3D" if
it comes down to that.  I hope it won't, but I am sure AMSAT has some sort
of plan just in case.

Let's all just give the control team some room to work.  They will inform us
when they know what is going on.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



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