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Nova install (again)

 Well, it's happened yet again. I had some problems
with the hard drive over the past weekend, which
resulted in several of my programs becoming
non-recoverable. One of them was (oh, joy) Nova for
Windows. This software kept me from installing it for
a couple of weeks after I brought it home from Dayton,
and I had to ask here to get the trick to get it to
go. Well, I've lost track of the trick, and it's doing
the same(*&&%@$ thing it did when I first tried to
install it. It will come up with the opening window,
where it asks what program(s) you want to install,
then, when you make you selection, it is supposed to
ask you for you user ID number. In my case, it just
dies, closes itself out and doesn't go to the ID
 Anyone out there know what's going on, or a software
package that isn't this **^%#! fun to install?
 Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.....


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