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SEC: UNCLASSIEID - FW: Editing Replies


I forward this message that was posted very recently on an unrelated list by
one of its volunteer administrators.

>"I point no fingers; I name no names."

Peter VK1KEP

Best wishes to the AO-40 management and command group for the coming weeks. 
Take some time to smell the flowers, have a laugh, and take at least a short


With all respect, may I repeat a request that is made from time to time on
this list?
As diligent workers, we are supposed to be familiar with, and skilled users
of, our working tools. One of our tools is, obviously, e-mail.
One of the most useful and thoughtful techniques that we can take the
responsibility to master is that of EDITING replies to previous e-mail
messages.  That is, to cut away the rough and superfluous parts of the
message to which one is replying, leaving only the smooth and polished
essence needed to establish the context of one's answering comments.
I point no fingers; I name no names.  Any of us could, by a simple slip of
the keyboard, send a message before it was finished.  But I do request that
we all try to avoid making a habit of the following:
Yes, I agree.
        > [previous message, line after line, quoted in entirety]
        > .
        > .
        > .
        > [many, many, many, lines of same]

If you are new to the Internet and e-mail and don't know how to edit the
quoted portion of you replies, ask another person to teach you how.
Our mailing list is an important channel of communication, and clogging it
unnecessarily makes it harder (and less pleasant) for all of us to keep up
with the discussions.
Thank you for your attention. I send warmest fraternal greetings and best
wishes for the Festive Season.
				Yours Aye,

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