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RE: AO-40

> Just curious as to why there is now a need to call on 
> 'emergency' procedures to get the controllers back into the 
> satellite....
> As far as it's been seen there's been a 400N motor problem, 
> now this....
> Which IHU is being used? 
> What has caused this situation.... From the post all that 
> happened was the techs were working on the 400N Motor then no TLM...

Don't forget a satellite is a complex collection of intertwined systems.  It
_is_ conceivable that action to correct or diagnose one problem,
inavertantly caused something elae to happen, which has affected their
ability to communicate with the bird.

I don't know if you've ever worked with remote systems of any kind (a
satellite is a special case, where there's no onsite techs to hit the reset
button! :) ), but while I haven't commanded a satellite, I have and still do
do a lot of remote administration of various systems, and have had the
unforseen affect my ability to communicate with the remote hosts, and then
have to rely on "emergency measures", like having to get someone to hit the
reset switch, or wait for a timed hardware based event.

> If indeed the controllers have to wait until Sunday Afternoon 
> would they please supply more information, even if the 
> details are a bit sketch....

Give them a break!  We at least know there's a problem, and they're doing
the best they can to fix it with whatever means they have.  The details can
wait until someone has time to gather all the information and report back.

Good luck to the AO-40 command team, and get well soon AO-40!  There's a lot
of people behind you! :)
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