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Re: AMSAT Special Bulletin

Hello this is Yoshi.

At 2000/12/15 01:37:12 Dan James wrote:
> Early Wednesday, December 13th, telemetry transmissions from AO-40
> stopped while work on the 400 N propulsion system was in progress.


  This morning, during 20:50z〜21:20z, I tried to hear 145.890-910,
435.400-500, 2400.200-600 and 2401.200-600 but could not get any
signals from Sat. AO-40 should be at around 10,000km distance and
MA was 4-10. I used 6ele(144), 6ele(435) and 20 turn Helix / Drake
for receiving. So If there was something the sat transmitting, it
might be received...

  I hope that it is not so serious thing. 

> AN investigation by the AO-40 development team has begun. They are now
> waiting for certain on-board software events to occur on Saturday
> afternoon, December 16th. These are programmed to start a spacecraft
> emergency routine called 'command-assist' which attempts to
> re-establish communications. This offers the best chance of recovering
> evidence of the incident which made the telemetry transmissions stop.

  OK, I will wait for this. At afternoon on Dec-16 - it will be at
night time at here Japan, we Japanese hams will not have window and
our AO-40 will fly over NA/SA. I hope for a good news from you who
will watch it.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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