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Re: Re: Ao40...copied ?CAN`T BELIEVE THAT....

Hello All,
- the orientation of the spacecraft is likely such, that the Omni antennas are
pointing away at apogee....., etc., how did we copied Ao-40 so well
during the whole day 12/12?
- I was unable to copy anything the whole day,yesterday and even today at
12.34 UTC with AO-40 at SSP2.0 N and 14.6 W MA 148.6 Sqint 77.4.
- Yesterday evening aprox 16.00 UTC I tried to listen to 435.450 Mhz GB
and found a signal with a "unstabilized modulation" on 435.412.5 Mhz
but was unable to "read" the signal.435.600 and 435.850 Mhz had no signals
- At this moment, 13.00 UTC, I replaced the Kep data with the latest available from
ARRL and found on 435.430 Mhx with Doppler going down a "modulated signal",
I'm unable to read because of lack o tools. At this moment I have no pack sats in my
For information purposes, I'm using 12.5 db circular right on V and U plus _+ 20 db
amp at the antenna, receiver is a TS 790A,my position is and
in the city of Manaus NW Brazil.
During the writing of this mail,I moved several times to different places of my home
and the
time is 13.25 UTC and the signal is stable 4 3 with QSB and down to 435.424.6 MHZ and
still no pack sats in my area.

regards and 73
Nicolau PP8DA

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> > Here is what we DO know:
> >
> > 1.) Telemetry HAS been copied AFTER the burn and AFTER the
> > engines valves
> > closed.  So the spacecraft did NOT blow up from the burn or
> > the likelyhood
> > of such is tiny.
> I copied telemetry more than 24 hours after the burn, so it did survive the
> burn itself.
> > 2.) People DID copy a weak, unmodulated carrier today on the
> > AO-40 2m beacon
> > frequency or thereabout.
> Unable to confirm this, haven't been near a rig when the bird was over
> today.
> > 3.) The spacecraft is now at a perigee of about 60,000 KM.
> > Signals will be
> > VERY, VERY weak, particularly with the omni antennas activated.
> Apogee, I think you mean apogee. :)
> > 4.) The orientation of the spacecraft is likely such that the
> > omni antennas
> > are pointing AWAY from earth at apogee.  This can be drawn as
> > a conclusion
> > from the fact that the control team wants to study and test
> > the high gain
> > antenna particularly, the 70 cm high gain TX system.  This
> > would mean that
> > the omnis are pointed AWAY from the earth.
> Yes, this is likely.
> > Couple #'s 3 and 4 and you can see why most people likely
> > don't hear any
> > telemetry from the bird.  Some people ARE hearing a weak
> > carrier with good
> > AO-10 class stations.
> Perigee is still 560 km, so should be able to hear something on the way
> down/up.
> >
> > What likely happened is IHU-2 crashed again and the control
> > crew has either
> > not reset it yet or has been busy doing other things with the
> > spacecraft
> > before resetting it.  Additionally, the attitude of the
> > spacecraft may be
> > that it needs to go a couple of orbits before it will be in a position
> > whereby they can reasonably command it given the likely
> > orientation of its
> > antennas.
> An IHU-2 crash is on the cards, and if they're looking at the 70cm Tx or
> something else, resetting IHU-2 may be a low priority.
> I'll assume they're busy doing some testing, until I hear something to the
> contrary from one of the command stations or AMSAT.
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