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OPAL Digipeating tests enabled.

Satellite Experimenters,

Jim Cutler at Stanford has reconfigured OPAL for some UI digipeating
tests.  Take a crack at it and lemme know your experience.  ANyone with a
UHF FM rig and a 9600 baud TNC can do this... or anyone with a D7 or D700.
OO-38 or Opal has been made available for a test to see if it is viable as
a UI packet digipeater to support real-time low-duty cycle communications
(like APRS).  GIve it a try...

OBJECT #     26063
FREQUENCY    437.100  both UP and DOWN.  THis means you must account for
             doppler in opposite directions during the pass:

Meaning  XMIT     RECEIVE
         437.090  437.110  at start of pass
         437.095  437.105
         437.100  437.100  in middle of pass
         437.105  437.095
         437.110  437.090  at end of pass

It is silent unless it digipeats or once every 10 seconds when it sends a
single telemetry packet.  ANd it is weak.  I have copied it on my Kenwood
D7 HT with a handheld 4 element beam.

If you are unfamiliar with UI digipeating, just set your TNC UNPROTO path
to GRID VIA KF6RFX (where GRID is your gridsquare).

Then enter CONVERse mode and each time you hit a ENTER key, or type
something ending with ENTER, you will transmit a UI packet.

If you see or hear yourself digipeated (with a * by the KF6RFX), then it
works. Lemme know. 

de WB4APR, Bob

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