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Re: Re: STOP


I agree with you, at least in principle! If perhaps not in practise.

I WOULD like to see some official line from AMSAT HQ. This wall of silence
is not encouraging and does nothing for the organisation.

I am certain we are all happy with the work the command stations are doing,
but take heed AMSAT HQ, poor PR will kill your
reputation if you do not attend to it!

Some advice - if you have a problem that is preventing reception of the
beacons then let people know, clambing up and keep silent won't do your
case any good!

I for one support Jen and others asking questions - there is hell of a lot
of people wanting to know whats going on - keep them informed
at least a 'yes we think we have a problem - we are investigating'

Stop the speculation at source!

73 Simon GM4PLM

"Jens Spiess" <jspiess@dplanet.ch>@AMSAT.Org on 14/12/2000 15:42:25

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But this is NOT what I want to do,sending continuing the old message !!!!
Sorry please ! Thanks for Your information.

And the other: A lot of things on the reflector are speculations...
and we should take a look to find the thruth...
And on this way to find the thruth it should be legal to report own

Perhaps....should be better for me to unsubscribe the reflector,..or
close the mouth...so everybody can read and hear what they want.
But that`s the problem of the most reflector-lists.

Peace for "Christmas" of this wrong world...
Jens / HB9JOI

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From: "Gregory Beat" <gregory.beat@mediaone.net>
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Subject: STOP

> Jens -
> You are continuing to send this old mail message to the amsat-bb
> Only report what you hear from AO-40 to ASSIST the command team , but
> STOP your speculations off
> the AMSAT reflector.
> The AO-40 command team and AMSAT are the official spokesman for the
> of AO-40.
> I received 3 telephone calls as a result of your "speculations", one was
> quite distraught.
> Gregory Beat
> w9gb
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