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Tape Measure Antennas

Satellite Designers,

We are having problems qualifying our PCsat 19" Tape Measure Antennas to
the Launcher's satisfaction.  We know that most AMSAT's have used them.
Now we have to prove everything about them.

We need documents or other supporting justification.  To avoid duplication
here is what we *do* know.  (Today's big problem is #4 below)

1)  There was a Journal article all about tape measures, but the Index on
the AMSAT site does not point to it, nor any search on "Antennas" or
"Tape" can find it. 

3)  We have vibrated ours to 3g and measured their vibration envelope to
under a few inches, but they want more data.  They must not flop around
and hit adjacent payloads.  Or they must have dual redundant
post-delayed-deployment mechanisms.

4)  We had planned on having them pre-deployed but rubbing against the
fairing.  THis solved all problems with the other satellites, but now this
is the BIG concern of the Launcher people....  HAS ANYONE EVERY DONE THIS?

Any documented references are appreciated.

Naval Academy Satellite Lab
Bob Bruninga

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