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Re: Ao40...copied ?CAN`T BELIEVE THAT....

Hello this is Yoshi.

At 2000/12/14 14:58:34 Jon Ogden wrote:
> OK everyone, let's get a REALITY check here!  Stop spreading what you think
> might be going on with AO-40.  This does NOTHING to help.

  Yes I agree.

> 2.) People DID copy a weak, unmodulated carrier today on the AO-40 2m beacon
> frequency or thereabout.
> 3.) The spacecraft is now at a perigee of about 60,000 KM.  Signals will be
> VERY, VERY weak, particularly with the omni antennas activated.

  I do not think so. During the orbit that Just after burn, I tried
to watch V-MB with my FT-817 and small whip. It was not strong, but
I can hear it. The distance would be 46,000km, so If somebody use
good beam antenna more than my whip, it should be received even if it
is at far 60,000km place or more.

> 4.) The orientation of the spacecraft is likely such that the omni antennas
> are pointing AWAY from earth at apogee.  This can be drawn as a conclusion
> from the fact that the control team wants to study and test the high gain
> antenna particularly, the 70 cm high gain TX system.  This would mean that
> the omnis are pointed AWAY from the earth.

  Attitude of AO-40 will still 270/0 I think. The moving of spin exis
is not so easy, and this mean the OMNI antenna is not pointed away
from the earth. Maybe it is now good squint angle for us at apogee.
  AMSAT special btn. said that there will not any change of attitude
for these few days. So, I think that the weak signals of V-MB freq.
will not the one from Sat, and command station shutted off the V-MB
for another purpose - for U-Tx testing as I posted.

> PLEASE...let's stop, take a DEEP breath and not throw wild speculations out
> there about what's going on.

  Yes we should be cool. If something happened, command team will
make announcements for us. We just do the observation that we can
do now.

  Thank you.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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