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Re: RE: Experiment with AMSAT

 i use the pacsats here on a daily basis as well as the fuji birds. i keep a
active telemetry
file when needed on the pacsats and am the one the makes the fuji
map found on my web page below.
 i would be interested in being a help to the jpl team on a limited basis,
depending on
the experment at hand.
 my station here is a ao-13 class station which also may be of some help.
let me now
if you would like some help and what this may intail. ttyl
Alan Bethel KE6QIS
grid CN70vs
e-mail ke6qis@yahoo.com
homepage http://homestead.juno.com/ke6qis

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From: "Eric Archer" <earcher@jpl.nasa.gov>
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Cc: "Layla Tadjpour" <Layla.Tadjpour@jpl.nasa.gov>; "Nasser Golshan"
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2000 07:05
Subject: [amsat-bb] RE: Experiment with AMSAT

> Hello fellow pacsat operators:
> Just a little more information regarding Layla's Mars Rover tests.
> NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)  is planning to perform
> propagation tests on model Mars rovers. These tests would like to
> validate some propagations models, expecially in the area of
> multipath effects due to the use of low gain antennas on platforms
> close to the ground and other RF obstacles. As you may know, Mars
> rovers are planning to use UHF, specifically 401/437 MHz, for
> communications with Mars orbiters.  This makes amateur pacsats ideal
> for use as satellites of opportunity to test some candidate rover
> antennas in an operational  environment similar to what would be
> expected at Mars. Satellites with constant envelope modulation or
> residual carrier  and minimum or slow tumbling with nearly  isotropic
> radiation patterns are ideal.
> Specifically, Layla is looking for two things:
> 1) Looking for hams that are currently or have recently used the
> pacsats. She is looking to find out  the operational status of the
> satellites listed below and also their characteristics from the
> operational side. I personally have not operated the pacsats in a
> number of years, so my operational knowledge is lacking.  I think
> mainly she wants to find out which are the more active satellites.
> 2) Information regarding EIRP, antenna patterns, tumbling rates,
> modulating waveform, etc so that she may correlate the tests with
> some known satellite performance characteristics. This would most
> likely come directly from the satellite operators/designers
> themselves. This information may or may not have been published in
> back issues of QST and QEX and other symposia digests. If at all
> possible,  satellite designers may let Layla know where this type of
> information may exist.
> Any help in this exciting area would be appreciated. I'm sure that
> any  professional papers published  will reference material from
> amateur sources.  Also, special thanks to Pesa (IK0HIT) for
> forwarding this message to me. See you all on AO-40 when it becomes
> operational (maybe even another mini DX-pedition from T7 land!)
> Best regards and 73's
> Eric Archer
> N6CV
> Trustee-W6JPL
> earcher@jpl.nasa.gov
> n6cv@pacbell.net
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> >>----- Original Message -----
> >>From: "Layla Tadjpour" <layla.tadjpour@jpl.nasa.gov>
> >>To: <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
> >>Cc: <Nasser.Golshan@jpl.nasa.gov>
> >>Sent: Monday, December 11, 2000 8:18 PM
> >>Subject: [amsat-bb] Experiment with AMSAT
> >>
> >>
> >>>  Dear Colleagues:
> >>>  We are looking into using one of AMSAT satellites to test the UHF
> >>>  communications capabilities being planned for a MARS Rover that will
> >>>  built for landing on Mars for exploration of the planet. We have
> >>>  some information about the AMSAT available from the AMSAT related web
> >>>  but usually they don't give detailed description of  the transmitter
> >>>  modulation schemes and transmitter EIRP. I would like to get in touch
> >>>  AMSAT operators who might be interested to talk with us on the use of
> >>>  following AMSAT satellites:
> >>>  AMSAT-OSCAR 16
> >>>  AMSAT-OSCAR 10
> >>>  LUSAT-OSCAR 19
> >>>  UOSAT-OSCAR 11
> >>>  UOSAT-OSCAR 22
> >>>  KITSAT-OSCAR 23
> >>>  KITSAT-OSCAR 25
> >>>  ITALY-OSCAR 26
> >>>  AMRAD-OSCAR 27
> >>>  FUJI-OSCAR 20
> >>>  FUJI-OSCAR 29
> >>>
> >>>  Regards,
> >>>  Layla Tadjpour
> >>>  Member of Technical Staff
> >>>  Jet Propulsion Laboratory
> >>>  Phone: (818) 354-7898
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
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