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Re: Ao40...copied ?

Hello All. This is Yoshi.

At 2000/12/14 08:00:52 Jens Spiess wrote:
> Anybody at location in
> USA,Australia or Japan....
> copied something from Ao40,orbit #54
> at present time..??

  I hope that the command station is doing the check of U-Tx now.

  At the time 11:16z of yesterday - Jens HB9JOI reported that the
sudden V-MB lost yesterday, James G3RUH would be inside of window,
and EU was at noon time. IHU crush will cause only non-modulated
carrier but sudden lost so maybe there was something commanded by
  And, AO-40 has no transmitter of L-Band, but OMNI antenna support
only V,U and L. This means that, if the command station would like
to check the U-Tx, they have to use the V or L - maybe both - for
command uplink. I think this is the reason that V-MB switched off

  And in the case of not working U-Tx, the command station will
prepare an another band for telemetry downlink - maybe S1 or S2
EB for backup. 
   Attitude 270/0 means that the beam antennas will point at Earth
around MA 10. Did someone watch the S-band this morning time?
   The next chance will come at ASIA and VK at tomorrow morning -
21:00z. If you JA or VK hams have any equipments for S-Band beacon,
Lets try to watch the AO-40!

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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