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RE: Filter Design


A filter book I can wholeheartedly recommend is :  "Electrical Filter
Synthesis, Design and Applications" by Donald White (ISBN 0932263070. ) The
book is available through Amazon.com. for $18 and from Fatbrain.com for a
bit more. 

The book has lots of examples and is very easy to use as a "cookbook."
However, the book also digs into filter theory, if you are so inclined.
It also discusses practical filter considerations such as component
selection, maximizing Q, inductor construction, etc. 

 I have used this book for everything from UHF bandpass filters  to op amp
filters for phase locked loops.  I don't think you will be disappointed.

----Mark ND7A

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>Looking for a program/design procedure for designing Bandpass and Lowpass 
>for 140-150MHz, 0-100MHz, 430-450MHz......
>Really looking for a procedure/program, doesnt matter if it involves a lot 
>of reading, thats fine. Just
>wanting to learn to design my own.
>Really need help with this one, have already tried the tutorial at 
>www.electronics-tutorials.com, it wasnt
>much help, unlike the other tutorials, which are excellent.
>Thanks in advance.
>PS: Sorry to post here, but the Newsgroups arent real responsive about 
>things like this, and there is so much technical know-how on this BB that
>I just know that I'll find help!
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