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Re: AMSAT Special Bulletin

At 06:39 PM 12/12/00 -0600, AMSAT Special Bulletin wrote:
>SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-348.01
>This time the burn started properly, but there were some anomalies in
>the telemetry indicating that the burn did not stop at the programmed
>time, but lasted almost 3 minutes longer. Thus, we have now achieved
>an orbit with about 60,000 km apogee altitude. For our ultimate plans
>this is no problem, we would have used the electric propulsion anyway
>to further increase the perigee.

I think I read this same sort of thing happened with Phase 3B, the motor 
started and didn't shut off.  If we decide not to use the 400N motor again 
could AO-40 still be put into the desired final orbit?


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