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L/S band antenna test equipment

Howard Long wrote:

 >I'm interested to know what kind of methods are used to measure the
 >matching - I've had an S-Band helix for some time but haven't used it
 >because the one time I've had to check its matching on proper equipment

There was an article in the AMSAT Journal Sept/Oct 2000 on building a 
homebrew impedance bridge. It uses a Minicircuits VCO and a power splitter 
(pcb purchase info given in the article).
See http://www.satelectronics.com/

"Putting Together a L/S Band Antenna System for the Phase 3D Satellite" by 
Jim Koehler VE5PP and Eric Rawson KN6KC.

This is a very nice article. If we gave prizes, I would say this is a 
prizewinner. The title kind of obscures the goodies that are contained therein.

ron w8gus.
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