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Gentlemen, Patience is a Virtue

In recent days Peter BD2OS posted the following note

> Yes, but in the real world those people (management, etc.) are getting
> a lot of money for doing the job to keep investors/shareholders informed.
> Our's are doing things for free and they are doing it in the spare time or
> on holiday!  And they have a real job and everyone needs some sleep
> Aren't you expecting a little bit too much from volunteers?

My XYL expressed the following to me many many years ago.
Patience is a virtue, seldom in women, but never in MEN.

Perhaps some of the users should take time to reflect, PRIOR to hitting the
button, ie be PATIENT.

My reading of the messages to the BB since the launch of AO-40 has at times
disappointed me. Personally, one of the command stations is a very close
others are friends by acquaintance.
Consequently I am aware of the unquestioned committment by that dedicated
group.  You may may be interested to note that one person committed himself
a 36 hour stint, others in the order of 20 hours when AO-40 "misbehaved"
the burn. One of their committments is to perform ranging every 30 minutes.
The Keplerian predictions are then formulated, to ensure that we can monitor

Fortunately the command stations do not have the time to monitor the BB, so
they are unaware of the "flack" that unfortunately emenates, perhaps with
the best
of intentions.

Undoubtedly we DO EXPECT too much from our volunteers. I am only too
aware that I am one who has at times been guilty of expecting too much from
fellow volunteers.

Please spare a thought for the command stations. There is STILL much work to
perform by so few.

In appreciation of the ongoing AO-40 TEAM effort.

Colin VK5HI.

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