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P3T from London

P3T telemetry is working today from London on hlong.demon.co.uk:1024, but
the radio link is rather unreliable at present.

I'm still experiencing difficulty with the reliability of the IZ8BLY feed on
port 1025. I wonder if someone could mail me their IZ8BLY parameters setup
screens? It was working fine a week or two ago. I think I've broken
something. I do find it crashes in Win2K by the way.

I'm afraid that due to P3D's orbit I have to operate the station remotely
from work at present, and so I'm not often in a position to resolve
problems. Hence yesterday after the burn I was unable to provide any
telemetry at all, despite taking several attempts. Operating your station
remotely just isn't the same as being there.

Examining the Windows Media Player video and MP3 audio feed on
hlong.demon.co.uk:1033 it appears that the signal is well down on recent
levels, suffering QSB today.

I'm wondering if the attitude of the bird has changed significantly since
the burn, with antennas pointing away somewhat? I'm sure there'll be someone
far more qualified than myself to comment.

73 Howard G6LVB

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