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Big Birds in Orbit

Nice little article and sompe pictures about P3-D AO40 in the latest issue of
Arianespace eSpace Newsletter, see http://www.arianespace.com/news_espace.html

"Another Flight 135 payload, the AmSat Phase 3D amateur radio satellite,
"is a giant in its own right. Weighing in at 630 kg, it is nearly as
"hefty as the first Meteosat weather satellites launched by Arianespace.
"AmSat P-3D was built by an international team led by AMSAT-DL, the
"German branch of the international amateur radio satellite community. It
"will use its own propulsion system to reach its orbital slot, in-clined
"at 63 degrees to provide optimum coverage of Europe, North America and
"Japan. Ariane has launched eight “ham” radio satellites since 1981,
"although the largest to date weigh-ed only 154 kg. 

73s Peter

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