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AO-40 Valves

There are several types of valves on board a
spacecraft such as this.  Some are operated
ONCE and stay open (pyrotechnic types for
example) such as ones that apply helium to
pressurize the propellant and oxidizer tanks. 
Your key that things are all okay is that the
OTHER SIDE of the regulator (Low pressure)
should see little pressure or a number that is
outside of the useful calibration range (indicating
nearly zero pressure).    In this case, just before
LOS today (Dec. 12, 2000) at my QTH, the
last valid CRC A frame displayed by P3T showed

(1) LIU powered off

(2)High pressure side of the regulators as having
high pressure on it (helium tank has pressurized
propellant and oxidizer)

(3) Low pressure side (MOTOR SIDE) of the regulator
     as having -0.2 pressure (in other words, there is
     no flow to the motor)

and the ARU A and B are closed so the regulator is
operating as expected.

the telemetry documentation until such time as
the controllers tell you there is a problem.  They've
gotta be running on adrenaline and not much else.
Heck, I am excited and I can't even fire up my
rotators but at least I can sleep at night.  ;-)


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