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InstantTune 1.07 Available


InstantTune Version 1.07 is now available for free
download from www.amsat.org (see InstantTrack accessories,)
thanks to Paul Williamsons efforts maintaining the
AMSAT web site (Thanks Paul!) 

InstantTune is an automatic radio tuning package for 
use with InstantTrack. It uses ordinary COM ports and 
does not require a floating point processor so it can 
be used with older PCs, (i.e. like my 20MHz 386SX laptop.)

InstantTune V1.07 adds support for the Yaesu FT-100.
Other radios supported include the Yaesu FT-736, 
FT-847, Kenwood HF radios, and mic-button radios (via
the parallel port.) Frequency converters/transverters
are supported as well.

InstantTune supports "transparent" Doppler-shift tuning
on the FT-847, FT-100, and Kenwood HF radios. This means
you merely tune the radio receiver with the main tuning 
knob and all other tuning is done for you in software.

You can mix and match radio types as desired for instance,
using a TS-450 with an FT-736 for mode A. It also supports
dual downlinks (like RS-12's mode KT) allowing you to use
2 receivers at the same time if you have too many radios :)

InstantTune is open source and Version 1.07 also includes
an undocumented, untested, and unsupported IC-821 driver 
to amuse hard-core experimentors.

If there is any interest in supporting new radios, send me an email
and I will add it to my list. The current list of requested drivers
includes the TS-790, PCR-1000, and the "Easycom" interface.
If you are willing to test with any of these, please let me know.

Thanks and 73,

Tony AA2TX@amsat.org
North Andover, MA

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