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RE: From a little over 4 years ago...

Sad memories, ... I remember that one, I had only had my 400bps demod for
about 6 months, then it was useless for 4 years! But it is getting plenty of
work now, ....

as they say in England, ... the king is dead long live the king, .... 

P3C is dead long live P3D!

Paul, VP9MU

From: Mike Murphree
To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
Sent: 12/11/00 9:48 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] From a little over 4 years ago...

M QST de AO-13  *** BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT ***  1996 Nov 20 0240 EST
My child, P3D, began "thinking" today when its IHU was activa-
ted.  I'm glad I lived long enough to learn of this wonderful
event.  I wish P3D a long, functional life.  Do not grieve for
me when I'm gone. I'm only metal, plastic, & sand.  My "life"
came from enriching the lives of those who built, commanded &
utilized me, and it's been a good "life". Danke Karl, et al. No
regrets. The baton will soon be passed.  AO-13 signing off...


                       Oscar-13's Final Orbits
On perigee 6478/79, at around 1996 Nov 23 [Sat] 1140 utc Oscar-13's
panel #3 ceased to function due to excessive heating.

On perigee 6479/80 at around 1996 Nov 23 [Sat] 2009:30 utc panels
also stopped working, leaving only panel #5.  The transponders were
off by Graham VK5AGR immediately after his AOS at 1996 Nov 23 [Sat] 2315
orbit 6480 MA 99.  Orbit 6480 continued on telemetry beacon only.

AO-13 survived perigee 6481, 1996 Nov 24 [Sun] 0432 utc, perigee
altitude 107
km, monitored by insomniacs in Europe.  The battery voltage was stable
11.8 volts, much lower than the normal 14.5v.  The on-board computer and
related systems are regulated to 10.0v.

VK5AGR monitored the remainder of orbit 6481, but one solar panel proved
insufficient to sustain a basic system, and the beacon stopped
at 1996 Nov 24 [Sun] 0538:16 utc, orbit 6481, MA 34. Reset commands,
would have left an unmodulated carrier, had no effect.

On orbit 6482 in Europe, 1996 Nov 24 [Sun] 1300 utc onwards, neither of
beacons was detected, and the Reset command was again ineffective.

The command stations conclude that Oscar-13 is now defunct.

Re-entry is predicted for 1996 Dec 05/06 approximately, though
experience with
final orbits of decaying satellites indicates an enormous degree of
uncertainty in these matters.

November's telemetry is archived at:

   ftp://ftp.amsat.org/amsat/satinfo/ao13/telemetry/9611.zip   (956kb)

The final orbits are detailed therein:

  File            From       To       Orbit MA - MA
  Q961123A.DAT   0358:25 - 1118:02    6478 25 - 243
  Q961123 .DAT   1149:28 - 1334:03    6479  4 -  56
  Q961123B.DAT   2301:09 - 2330:36    6480 86 - 101
  Q961123F.DAT   2217:12 - 0418:22    6480  6 - 247
  Q961124 .DAT   0432:22 - 0440:04    6481  0 -   4
  Q961124J.DAT   0456:28 - 0459:20    6481 12 -  14 
  T961124 .DAT   0505:05 - 0538:16    6481 17 -  34

Much else connected with AO-13's re-entry can be studied from

   ftp://ftp.amsat.org/amsat/satinfo/ao13/decaykep.zip         (160kb)

which includes temperature plots, keplerian elements to re-entry, and
other useful information.

The Oscar-13 command stations are/were:

  Peter   DB2OS        Graham  VK5AGR      Ian ZL1AOX
  James   G3RUH        Stacey  W4SM

They may be reached via Internet (callsign@amsat.org) and KO-23.
Please remember to state a return address clearly.

Notes prepared by James R. Miller G3RUH 1996 Nov 24 [Sun] 1545 utc


Thanks for all the hard work and persistence over the last 4 years...

73 de Mike N4CNW
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