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AO-40 first burn

> If the motor ran, shouldn't the high pressure have gone down
> a bit afterwards?

Please excuse my lack of expertise, but...

Does the "high pressure" refer to the pressure in the fuel system... ie how
much fuel is left...

If this is the case, was ALL the fuel used?  If not, it should be possible
that the pressure measurement will stay the same until all the liquid (or
solid?) is used.  ie. vapor pressure... the pressure at the top of a
cylinder of a gas, compressed to liquid, will remain the same until all the
liquid is gone... then the pressure will drop until all the gas is
exhausted.  It seems that this may also be the case in a solid fuel
sublimation situation.  Is the MMH a solid or liquid aboard the

please pardon my mutterings...;)

just curious....

Chris, completely not a space propulsion specialist!!!

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