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Re: JavaScript Axial-Mode Helix Calculator

Frederick M. Spinner <fspinner@hotmail.com> wrote:

>I figure I'd get off my duff, and do something useful for the
>AO-40 community.
>A long time ago, I used to use the helix.bas program from the ARRL
>UHF/Microwave Experimenter's Manual (vol. 1-- 1990) written by Bob Atkins, 

Well done!

A couple of cylindrical objects I've used for helix formers:

1270 MHz: large size Body Shop shampoo bottle (OD 78 mm).

2400 MHz: 32 mm 1/2" drive Craftsman socket (OD 41 mm).

Be creative. Wander around with a ruler and measure things
until you find what you want (that's how I selected the
32 mm socket). At one time I had a nice 40 mm diameter
plexiglas rod (Active Surplus, Toronto). I don't know
what happened to it. :-(

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