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RE: Lightning hits

Sorry to hear about your lightning experiences and I can sympathize.  I have
said over and over to NEVER connect your antenna ground to the service
ground.  I have been told over and over that I'm full of it, "that ground is
the 'best in the world' since it's grounded at every pole along the
line...."  Well, you are living (thankfully) proof of why it's a very bad
idea.  Sure the lightning will go right to the "best ground in the world"
and take out everything in your house along the way.

Kevin, WB5RUE

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> Hi Jerry,
> Made first mistake on second hit when I decided to gound the second
> tower to Fl Pwr and Lights entrance ground.  It was nine feet
> from base
> of tower and used #2 welding cable for feed.  That hit resulted in the
> most damage to home a.c. utensils.  I have fouir TV sets thruout the
> house...the tremendous magnetic field destroyed purity on
> every set!  I
> could go on and on but ion interest of  making this boring I
> will say :
> #1.  Study Poilyphasers information  #2.  Study ARRL info on
> lightning.
> #3 Make sure youir insurance premiums are up to date and with a
> reputable carrier.  Never had an argument from my carrier on all three
> strikes!
> 73 and Good Luck - BILL

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