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Re: Will I need new AO-40 keps?

Howard Long wrote:

> Ok this might be a silly question, but I'm going to ask it...
> On the basis that the burn went ahead, I assume I'll need new keps.
> If I do, are they calculated by prediction or empirically?

Hi Howard,
Yep, you'll need new keps.  Now that Ken has done such a marvelous job
of getting it darn near perfect, the old keps will progressively become
useless - depending on how much of a change was made they could be
totally useless already or they may still be only off a bit for the next
orbit or so.  My guess is that Ken will be working on new estimated
elements by the time everyone reads this, and when NORAD releases the
next updates they will be based on measured radar data.  The advantage
we will have is that this will eliminate any confusion on the NORAD
elements as to which bird is which.


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