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Lightning hits

Hi Jerry,
First gotta let you know that Florida is the lightning capital of the
World, and I found out the hard way!  My setup consists of a very
susceptible lightning rod.  My setup consists of two forty foot towers,
one permanent supported against the house, the other an ALUMA crankdown
40 foot tower. Antennas consist of M square satellite beams for 70cm and
144mhz, Yaesu G5400 az-el rotors.  Mast mounted SSB Electronic SP-2 and
MC-70 preamps.  They have no weather protection  (Watch for condensation
in enclosed housings)  I feed separate d.c. to amps rather than using
the feed via coax.  All antennas (7 in all)
have Polyphasers installed at the shack.  ($350.00 for the
Polyphasers---my insurance carrier loves them)  The Polyphasers block
the d.c. therefore the separate d.c. feed.  While on the subject, get
information from Polyphaser on antenna protection. I originally had
Diamond verticals, one atop second tower along with Czushcraft 10-15-20
beam.  Diamond antennas very well built and perform well, but they
cannot take a hit.  My last experience found bits of fiber glass from
the antenna for 100 yards from the tower.  Two nine foot ground rods
buried at each tower with good mechanical and electrical connection.
Made first mistake on second hit when I decided to gound the second
tower to Fl Pwr and Lights entrance ground.  It was nine feet from base
of tower and used #2 welding cable for feed.  That hit resulted in the
most damage to home a.c. utensils.  I have fouir TV sets thruout the
house...the tremendous magnetic field destroyed purity on every set!  I
could go on and on but ion interest of  making this boring I will say :
#1.  Study Poilyphasers information  #2.  Study ARRL info on lightning.
#3 Make sure youir insurance premiums are up to date and with a
reputable carrier.  Never had an argument from my carrier on all three
73 and Good Luck - BILL

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