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FT-817 (Re:FT-847 scuttlebut)

Hello. This is Yoshi.

At 2000/12/08 16:19:10 Frank Grossman wrote:
> The last time I checked, the FT-817 portable wasn't available yet.  Have you
> gotten one or are you describing the sorts of things you plan to do when you
> get one.
> If you are, in fact, using an -817, perhaps you could tell us a little more
> about it.  How is the battery life?  Is the built in or portable antenna
> it's supposed to have any good?  Did it work properly "out of the box?"  Any
> design flaws?

  I bought and using it.

  Battery life - I am using 8 of 1,000mAh Size-AA NiCd rechargeable
cells. For only receiving, It will work 3 or 4 hours. I did not use
it for HF portable operation yet, but maybe it will work 1 or 1.5 hours
of normal operation. Size-AA alkaline cells will work but little bit
more. It will not enough so we should have some external 12V battery
for regular portable use.
  FT-817 has no buit-in whip. It has 2 antenna connectors switchable,
a BNC at front and a M at rear. The portable antenna (including in
a set) is designed for 6m, 2m and 70cm. I usually use my FT-817 with
external big antennas so I do not no well about this small whip.

  I have a web page that describe my FT-817, but sorry it all written
in *Japanese*. Maybe some photos will help your thinking.


Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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