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Re: Preamps

G Payton wrote (in part):

> Excuse me if this is not the proper place to pose questions regarding a
> new-comer to satellites establishing his station.

This is a perfect place to ask.

> As I see it, regardless of what I choose to work (Analog, digital or
> others), I will need good preamps.  I am considering the ARR SP144VDG &
> SP432VDG models.  My question is about "pole mounting" at the antennas.
> These do not appear to be constructed for such.  Are there other models
> from ARR (or other brands) for outside pole mounting?
> Possibly, some of you may suggest an weather tight enclosure.

That's exactly what I'm doing.  Here is a link to a photo of my install:
What I did is to leave the preamps set for FM operation (no delay) and
supply power from the shack.  For terrestrial operation the power is
supplied from a sequencer.  Of course for satellite operation sequencing is
not an issue.

> Truthfully, I am really starting from the ground floor on this and doing
> a lot of reading.  I still have to make the decision of what mode of
> satellites to start with.  It probably will be the analog sats till I
> get the hang of it and progress from there.  Again, I'll have to decide
> upon antennas too.  Are the Omni's that effectual?

Depends on who you ask.  I personally feel that onmis should be used only if
absolutely required.


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