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RE: Preamps


Without a doubt you're in the right place!

I've been on the bb for a year or so and a lot of it goes over my head - but
I have a v good sat station from listening to others' comments here.

Mast mounted preamps are of a lot of use especially if you have any length
of coax in my experience. It's the difference between making contacts and
not making them. You're making your link more reliable.

For weather proofing I use an upturned trash can. Being plastic in nature it
really should be painted as sunlight can weaken the structure over time.
Lots of space inside! I cable tie it to the pole with a few heavy duty cable

You might want to consider putting mesh over the bottom to stop birds and
insects making it their home.

It doesn't need to be watertight underneath - in fact it's best if the
bottom is open at least somewhat so that condensation doesn't accrue.

All for $10. There's some pics on www.btinternet.com/~hlong. I got the idea
from the ARRL handbook I think.

I've worked all analog sats except AO-10 on an omni. It's a struggle but it
can be done. Preamps almost a necessity here unless you're a glutton for
punishment and have a lot of patience! As it's a marginal station I found it
quite frustrating.

Small beams were the next step, and wow, what a difference! With these I can
work all the sats 100% reliably (except AO-10 which needs to be <15,000km
away), analog and digital with small beams (3x3 2m, 7x7 70cm).

Welcome Jerry!

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Excuse me if this is not the proper place to pose questions regarding a
new-comer to satellites establishing his station.

As I see it, regardless of what I choose to work (Analog, digital or
others), I will need good preamps.  I am considering the ARR SP144VDG &
SP432VDG models.  My question is about "pole mounting" at the antennas.
These do not appear to be constructed for such.  Are there other models
from ARR (or other brands) for outside pole mounting?

Possibly, some of you may suggest an weather tight enclosure.

Truthfully, I am really starting from the ground floor on this and doing
a lot of reading.  I still have to make the decision of what mode of
satellites to start with.  It probably will be the analog sats till I
get the hang of it and progress from there.  Again, I'll have to decide
upon antennas too.  Are the Omni's that effectual?

Thanks for your input.

Jerry  N5GPC
Grand Prairie, TX

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